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Welcome to the Teaching Your Brain to Knit Podcast.

To listen to our most recent podcast episode, click the icon on the upper right of this page   Or click the “Show Notes” tab to find out what Margaret and Catherine are up to most recently and get links and photos from our shows.

To  link to a list of our podcasts directly you can also see our catalog of episodes  on Libsyn    (http://libsyn.com.teachingyourbraintoknit.libsyn.com/)

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You can find us on:http://libsyn.com.teachingyourbraintoknit.libsyn.com/

Facebook — on the Teaching Your Brain to Knit page  (come like us)

Ravelry (The free knitting community) — http://www.ravelry.com/groups/teaching-your-brain-to-knit (join us)  Margaret 924 and MagicWombat  Check out our nifty community.

Instagram — Margaret is MargaretKelso  and Catherine is Magic Wombat.   (follow us)


13 thoughts on “Home

  1. I know you have mentioned your Ravelry and Instagram names on the podcast but, could you list them here or in the show notes also? Thanks so much. I absolutely love your podcast!
    Gini (giniknits)


    • This is really cool. I told a colleague of mine about it (a Dance teacher) because she teaches a dance science class and she was interested too. She says she also teaches her class with strings attached to different parts of the students’ bodies. Thanks for the link.


  2. I was hoping to test myself on color perception. Is it possible to post a link? You are one of my favorite podcasts. I looked forward to each new episode.


  3. Catching up on your podcast. What I gained from your podcast, which had a huge influence on my knitting is (sorry, I don’t remember who said it) but I knit for the PROCESS, not the finished project. I was always rushing to finish a project, had many mistakes and knitting was becoming stressful! Thank you for helping me understand that knitting is for the process, not just finishing a project.


  4. This note’s only purpose is tp THANK YOU both for a very educational adult podcast. I appreciate hearing about your part of California, brain information you want to share, plus of course the knitting comments that first drew me to your podcasts. I wish we (the people who enjoy you) could stand up and cheer your lack of ads, begging for donations etc. That you give us these minutes as a gift should be acknowledged by us all. Thank you again. Please stay with us for a long long time!


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