9 thoughts on “Home

  1. I know you have mentioned your Ravelry and Instagram names on the podcast but, could you list them here or in the show notes also? Thanks so much. I absolutely love your podcast!
    Gini (giniknits)


    • This is really cool. I told a colleague of mine about it (a Dance teacher) because she teaches a dance science class and she was interested too. She says she also teaches her class with strings attached to different parts of the students’ bodies. Thanks for the link.


  2. I was hoping to test myself on color perception. Is it possible to post a link? You are one of my favorite podcasts. I looked forward to each new episode.


  3. Catching up on your podcast. What I gained from your podcast, which had a huge influence on my knitting is (sorry, I don’t remember who said it) but I knit for the PROCESS, not the finished project. I was always rushing to finish a project, had many mistakes and knitting was becoming stressful! Thank you for helping me understand that knitting is for the process, not just finishing a project.


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