Ep. 027 Reading/Writing Learning Style and Your Knitting

Welcome to Episode 27: Reading/Writing Learning Preference and Your Knitting

Brainy thing:    25:10                   Redwood Curtain:  33:50

What We’re Learning from Our Knitting

Margaret concludes (at least for now) her cotton sock yarn comparison with Feel Good Yarns sock yarn knitted in a generic sock pattern and using the new-to-her Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist in Feel Good Yarn Company sock yarn.

Below, she compares Feel Good Yarn with Cascade Fixation and Cobasi by HiKoo, which is currently her favorite.

Hi Koo CoBaSi Cascade Fixation Feel Good Yarn Silver Spun
US 1 US 3 US 3
$7.50 / 50 gm $5.50 /5o gm   $48   42 /86 gms, 400 yards
Very stretchy Very stretchy Very stretchy
Pleasant feel Bumpy feel, thick Pleasant feel
Hard to weave in Okay to weave in Fine to weave in
After washing,  not so hard to weave in Stays plumb and soft Strand of silver (don’t see it) conductive, inhibits odors, inhibit bacteria, thermal, suggested for those with diabetes, arthritis, sensitive skin

American made

Catherine talks about her painful learning from the Mona8pi or Bunny Muff’s Vanessa Ives Mystery shawl out of Woole’s Yarns Creations Color Changing Cotton.

Ives mess up

Brainy Thing:  Who put the “R” in VAK?

In earlier episodes, we’ve talked about the VAK learning style – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic preferences for taking in information. An updated version of that is the VARK system. The “R” stands for the Reading/Writing preference.   While many people including educators find these systems useful, other criticize the research that has been done.






Redwood Curtain

Highway 101 bisects Redwood Country.  The 1,550 mile Highway stretches from Los Angeles, CA to Turnwater, Washington.

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A Knitting Tip

Margaret Ratcliff The Knowledgeable Knitter



Episode 18 Auditory Learning Style and Knitting

Brainy Thing Starts at 24.25

Behind the Redwood Curtain starts at 32:55

What We’re Learning from our Knitting.

Margaret is on a quest to find the perfect cotton sock yarn.   In the past she’s used Regia Cotton but it still has a lot of wool content (41%) for her beloved Monkey Socks.     (After a search on Ravelry, it looks like most of the Regia’s Cotton fingering has been discontinued.).


Recently, she tried Skacel’s Hi Koo CoBaSi in Carrot and Cream. She made up her own pattern but recommends Nigel Pottle’s Tom and Ethel Socks.

CoBaSi Socks in Carrot and Naturalorange socks 1

Catherine is using the yarn she just frogged (A mystery skein without the ball band but which is probably something from Three Irish Girls) and is using it in the Fantasy Red Cardi  by Knitting Kate (Katherine Foster’s Ravelry Store.)  The contrasting borders are in a “lavender neutral” Steinbach Woole Strapaz.

Fantasy Red Cardi in progress

Fantasy Red Cardi in progress

Brainy Thing

Margaret talks about Auditory Learning preference (the “A” in the VAK learning style) and how it might apply to knitters and crocheters.  She also explains more fully how we all use all senses in our learning.  Links to test out your learning preferences:


Behind the Redwood Curtain

Catherine celebrates the California state flower:   The California Poppy.


California Poppy

California Poppy

Lots of California Poppies

Lots of California Poppies

California Poppies asleep after sundown in Margaret's yard

California Poppies asleep after sundown in Margaret’s yard







For more information on the California Poppy festival, check here.

Podcast Business

Check out about the Learn-a-long and the incentive prize for new members at the Teaching your Brain to Knit Group on Ravelry.

Self Striping Cankon Hand Dyes in "Lover's to bed'  'tis almost fairy time" colorway.  It's a bit brighter than photograph suggests.

Self Striping Canon Hand Dyes in “Lover’s to bed’ ’tis almost fairy time” colorway. It’s a bit brighter than photograph suggests.