Ep. 1 Pod cast-on: Open up to knitting

Welcome to Teaching Your Brain to Knit Episode 1:  Open up to Knitting

Brainy stuff begins:  26:08 minutes in

What Catherine is learning from her knitting:

firefly cloth

firefly close

Firefly Dishcloth  by Holly Klein

Hemp for Knitting

a for a child hat Note the little “glitch” in the ribbing that occurred when Catherine weaved in the ends.   She later undid it and re-weaved it so that it didn’t look wonky.

Top Down Baby Hat  by Amy Whitlow

Brown Sheep Wool Worsted

Emily Ocher’s Circular Cast on pictorial directions 

Emily Ocher’s Circular Cast on video directions

Afghans for Afghans organization


What Margaret is learning from her knitting:

Mom sweater

As You Like It Cardigan  by Judith Shangold

Cascade 220 Superwash

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off pictorial directions

Jeny’s Surprisngly Stretchy Bind off video

Beginner’s garter stitch tie — just knit, knit, knit as wide and as long as you want.  The yarn did all the work.


garter stitch tie

Brainy Thing:


Mindset Webpage

Self-test your mindset

Behind The Redwood Curtain: