Ep. 062: Levels of Intellectual Development; the Forzo Cuff, Absolutely Essential Scarf, Rock Slides

Welcome to Episode 62:  William G. Perry’s levels of Intellectual Development;  Laura Nelkin’s The Forzo Cuff;  Bunnymuff’s Absolutely Essential Scarf;  and Rock slides in the area.

Brainy Thing:   12:14                Behind the Redwood Curtain: 20:08

What We’re Learning From Our Knitting

Margaret isn’t ready for the challenges of The Forzo Cuff by Laura Nelkin  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/forzo-cuff.  She will give away her slightly used kit to someone who is.   Just post on the Ravelry thread — first come, first served.   It is knitted lace.  Find the difference between that and lace knitting:    http://theknittingbuzz.typepad.com/the-knitting-buzz/2011/03/knitted-lace-vs-lace-knitting.html.  
Catherine  continues her long trek with  Absolutely Essential Scarf by Bunny Muff   http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/absolutely-essential;  now becoming bored with a stitch that was frustrating her awhile ago.  She is also starting socks for a local charity campaign organized by The North Coast Knittery using Kramer Yarn https://northcoastknittery.com/.  

Brainy Thing

From the book How Learning Works  by Susan Ambrose et al. comes an outline of
William G. Perry’s theory of stages of Intellectual Development later modified by Marcia Baxter-Magolda.     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_G._Perry
His ideas don’t judge what you believe but how those beliefs are formed and held.

Behind the Redwood Curtain

Rock slides are a fact of life in this area, particularly during a very rainy season.   Margaret talks about recent slides.   video   http://sfist.com/2017/04/26/video_watch_a_landslide_spill_down.php

Knitting Tip:

Cokleymonster on our Ravelry Thread reminds us to  keep notes on our knitting as we go along.


website https://teachingyourbraintoknit.com/ for show notes, photos of our knitting and crochet projects, Behind the Redwood Curtain places and things and anything else we decide to post.
How Intellectually developed are your ideas?   In this episode of Teaching your Brain to Knit we outline William Perry’s theories.  We also share how Margaret faces a wall of learning challenges with the Forzo Cuff;  how Catherine finds Persistence on the Absolutely Essential Scarf;  how to deal with rockslides in the Redwood area and a tip about remembering details of your Knitting.

Ep. 061 SPECIAL Neurofeedback Interview with Stan Vanella

Welcome to a SPECIAL Episode 61 and an interview with Stan Vanella

Today on Teaching Your Brain to Knit,  a special episode-long interview with Stan Vanella, a  local Humboldt biofeedback practitioner.  So, no knitting, no crocheting, no Behind the Redwood Curtain, but an information packed introduction to Neurofeedback.  All of our other segments will return next episode.
Stan defines Neurofeedback and distinguishes between Neurofeedback and biofeedback.
Stan Mentions the App Belly Bio,  an Apple App that measures your breathing.
If you’re looking for a Bio/Neurofeedback practitioner  the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research ISNR) and the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance both have lists of practioners.
https://www.isnr.org/neurofeedback-introduction   international society for neurofeedbak and research
short video  introduction and some introductory articles
Thanks again to Stan Vanella for giving us an introduction to Neurofeedback.  Next episode, we will return to our regular format where Catherine and I talk about what we’re learning from our knitting and sometimes crochet;  present a segment on learning, teaching or the brain;  share something about Behind the Redwood Curtain in  Northern Coastal California area and offer a knitting tip.  You can subscribe to our podcast on itunes, on the Podcast app on your apple smart phone or on the Stitcher app on android phone devices.

Ep. 060 Happy Natural Brain Chemicals

Welcome to Episode 060:  How Your Natural Brain Chemicals Make You Happy

Brainy Thing:   23:50  Behind the Redwood Curtain:  45:03

What We’re Learning from our Knitting and Crochet

Catherine continues on the lacey Absolutely Essential Shawl  by Bunny Muff.  She talks about Lace Knitting versus Knitted Lace.   Here’s a resource for knowing the difference.    http://theknittingbuzz.typepad.com/the-knitting-buzz/2011/03/knitted-lace-vs-lace-knitting.html  
Margaret completes the Queen Anne’s Lace crochet scarf with a lot of help from Sue Perez’ blog, Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness http://mrsmicawber.blogspot.com/

Brainy Thing:     Natural Happy Brain Chemicals

Sourced from Christoper Bergland’s The Athlete’s Way:  Sweat and the Biology of Bliss and The Athlete’s Way:  Training Your Body and Mind to Get Joy Out of Exercise, Catherine briefly reviews seven natural brain chemicals that make us happy.

Behind the Redwood Curtain:  Queen Anne’s Lace Wildflower

The ubiquitous wildflower/weed has many uses and ties to the fiber world.  

Knitting Tip:

Door Stopper (on Ravelry) advises that when knitting a sweater, knit a sleeve as the swatch.


website https://teachingyourbraintoknit.com/ for show notes, photos of our knitting and crochet projects, Behind the Redwood Curtain places and things and anything else we decide to post.
Today on Teaching Your Brain to Knit, what you need to know about natural happy brain chemicals, Continuing progress on the Absolutely Essential lace shawl, what to do when you’re stumped on the crocheted queen anne’s lace pattern, and the versatile Queen Anne’s Lace wildflower.