Ep. 091 Starting a Meditation Practice;  Working on Process over Product;  Testing out new stitches; Bashing Lupines

Welcome to Episode 91 (very late):  Using Knitting to Meditate;  Processing over Finishing;  Testing Out New Patterns and Ridding the Dunes of Lupines

Brainy Thing:  15:35                     Behind the Redwood Curtain:  26:30

What we’ve been learning from our knitting:

Margaret has been focusing on Process over Product on the Tree Afghan.   To find podcasts on the Tree Afghan Patterns check out Webs Yarn Store Shows 100, 101, 102, 103, 104.  I had trouble linking to the patterns

My broken-broken rib. This color is not true to life. The real color is a flat blue.

Catherine is trying new blocks for her charity knitting blanket and reports on her Bias Square with a diagonal design.

Brainy thing:15:35

For most of us, starting a meditation practice is challenging.   Margaret shares a number of ways to get started including classes and support groups.   And she reveals a meditation program designed for knitters: Knitting Om’s 30 day Challenge created by Becky Stewart.

Redwood Curtain:  26:30

The beach dunes are a delicate ecosystem and can get destroyed by having non-native plants brought in from other places.   Catherine talks about the annual Lupine Bash, a family friendly outdoor project to help eradicate non-native plants on the dunes.


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In this episode of Teaching Your Brain to Knit we explore ways to find support for starting a new meditation program including Becky Stewart’s Knitting Om 30 Day Challenge;  Margaret focuses on Process over Product on the Tree Afghan;     We knit a bias square for a blanket;  and we spotlight a family friendly activity to help the dunes — the Lupine Bash.