Ep. 090 The Matilda Effect: Overlooking Women’s Accomplishments; Knitting in Pieces; Finding Gauge with Dishcloths; Cruising Humboldt Bay

Welcome to Episode 90:    The Matilda Effect;  knitting in pieces, learning gauge with dishcloths;  ; Cruising the Bay

Brainy thing:  20:25                   Behind the Redwood Curtain:  32:27
What We’re Learning from Our Knitting:
Margaret is exploring new approaches to knitted birds with Nicky Fijalkowska’s aptly named book Knitted Birds .  These birds  are knitted in pieces and then assembled and stuffed.
Catherine is realizing the importance of gauge with a seemingly simple dishcloth pattern —  the Quadrant dishcloth/washcloth by Jenny Konopinski
Brainy Thing:   The Matilda Effect
Women not only were prohibited from getting advanced education and entering fields like science and medicine; but also when they did, their work was often overlooked.   Catherine introduces the phenomenon named after Matilda Joslyn Gage this week
Behind the Redwood Curtain:  The Madaket
We talk about touring Eureka from the Bay:  Harbor Tours on the Madaket:  https://www.humboldtbaymaritimemuseum.com/madaketmainpage.html
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Today on Teaching Your Brain to Knit we introduce the Matilda Effect —Overlooking Accomplishments of Women Scientists;  Catherine searches for gauge on a simple but elegant dishcloth;  Margaret learns techniques and discovers biases that are for the birds;  She also    shares information and experiences on two Madaket Harbor Cruises and we have another book giveaway.