More Flow, More Happiness

Welcome to Episode 3

Brainy Stuff at 18:60 minutes

What Catherine is learning from her knitting:

Casting on Fabrege’ by Laura Aylor

Fabrege 2 fabrege 1

Laura Aylor’s Ravelry Designer page


What Margaret is learning from her knitting

A tale of infatuation with the Triplet Scarf


Triplets Scarf by Sue Perez

Sue Perez’ blog  Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness

Sue Perez’ Ravelry Designer page

Mountain Shadows Bracelet by Sue Perez

Persie crochet bracelet 1

Brainy Thing

Part II on Flow and how it relates to knitting:  apathy, boredom, relaxation, worry, control, anxiety, arousal, flow


Behind the Redwood Curtain


Banana Slug:   a photo gallery of banana slugs in all their glory



Crocheted Banana Slug of no Ordinary Means  by Deanna Williston

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