Ep. 025 Emotions, Environment and the Colors We See in Our Knitting

 Welcome to Episode 25

Brainy Thing: 18:37

Behind the Redwood Curtain:27:53

What We’re Learning from our knitting:

Catherine is finishing up her second Fantasy Red Cardi (that’s the name but this one is a green and blue variegated with trim in a robin egg’s blue) by Kathryn Foster. Catherine  has bought the yarn Wolle’s Yarn Creations Color changing cotton tape yarn by Elizabeth Drum to do the Vanessa Ives Mystery Knit along by Mona8pi (Bunnymuff). She bought two colors but hasn’t decided which one she’ll use yet.

IMG_blue cardi



IMG_blue cardi close


Margaret knit about 10 inches of  the maracajau cowl in Borroco Origami in a black/grey/brown color and decided she didn’t like the yarn for around her neck.   She has four skeins of it, 98 yards per skein.   It is 58% acrylic, 16% linen, 15& nylon and 11% cotton and has a lot of high ratings in Ravelry. Borroco has discontinued the yarn.   She’s offering it to a member of the Ravelry group for free:   Just post in the thread.   If more than one person wants it by October 13, we’ll select someone by random number generator.

origami2 origami






Both Margaret and Catherine learned to create fabric cords with the simple cordage method at the Natural Fiber Fair in Arcata.. The demonstration was taught by the Julie Mueller-Brown from Cinnabar and Indigo, a vendor at the fair that sells handmade glass beads and other beautiful items.


Brainy Thing: Do colors change when we’re depressed or are we depressed by dull colors in our environment?

Catherine will explore this topic and the controversy around it in this segment.  Here is some of the research. Christopher Thorstenson believes that a depressed mood colors our perception of the world, specifically, the colors we see.    Report on the study here.


Behind the Redwood Curtain:

Margaret talks about the mystery of the little town or Orick, CA and why it hasn’t prospered.   Check out Jensen Rufe’s and Steve Love’s Film, Orick, California, USA .

IMG_1662 orick sunset IMG_1642 IMG_1641

Fiesta Rayon boucle Catalina colorway

Fiesta Rayon boucle Catalina colorway

Knitting Tip:

Consider cutting your knitting to make repairs. She makes plans to cut her Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder in half to attempt to re-heel it.

A Little Podcast Business

Don’t forget the ongoing incentive for joining the Ravelry Group.  Currently it’s Fiesta Yarn.


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