Ep. 032 How Lily Chin is a Great Teacher

Welcome to Episode 32:   Lily Chin:  Teacher Extraordinaire

Brainy Thing:   13:45                             Behind the Redwood Curtain 23:10

What we’re learning from our Knitting

Margaret is knitting a cowl out of Katia Temis or Colibri —she’s lost the ball band   There’s no pattern:  She just casts on 25 or more stitches and knits in garter stitch on very large needles (size 13) until she runs out of yarn.   This is her exercise bike knitting.  She also reports on how much she likes the Designing Vashti Yarn:  Lotus Z-twisted sport weight fashion yarns:  52 cotton, 48 rayon.  She knit up Kira K’s Belle Epoque shawl (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/belle-epoque-shawl) with it and has had a chance to try it out and she loves the mix of cotton and rayon.  katia cowl
After many years, Catherine finished her first pair of socks.  She’s knit many since this first pair that she never quite finished.  She used a generic cuff down sock recipe that she got from the sock knitting class she took and used a Brown Sheep Fleece cotton and wool yarn.first socks first socks close

Brainy Thing:  Lily Chin:  Teacher Extraordinaire

Margaret analyzes why she thinks Lily Chin is an excellent teacher. Margaret recently finished viewing the Crocheter’s Toolbox video and also took a class in person with Lily on knitted closures. crocheterstoolbox_180

Behind the Redwood Curtain:  ACV

The Arcata/Eureka or the Eureka/Arcata airport (which actually is in McKinleyville) according to some people is the foggiest airport in the U.S.   Whether that is true or not, it has a fascinating history.

Knitting Tip:  SSK

Catherine tells us about a neater, more “perfect” left leaning decrease.


4 thoughts on “Ep. 032 How Lily Chin is a Great Teacher

  1. I need to alert you to the fact that San Francisco is no longer the only hub for flights along the North Coast. Crescent City is now flying in and out of Portland only–no connections to San Francisco OR Sacramento, for that matter. United left and Penair now serves us. 🙂 We are happy about it! Thanks for a fun podcast. I am enjoying listening immensely. Jan


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