Ep. 037 Knitting Wednesdays for Wounded Warriors Support Families, Vets and Current Soldiers

Welcome to Episode 37:  Knitting Wednesdays at Walter Reed Hospital help family and friends of soldiers and veterans recovering from wounds

Brainy Thing:     19.28                           Behind the Redwood Curtain:  29:14

What We’re Learning from Our Knitting

Catherine finished her Among the wildflowers bandana  cowl  which was another opportunity to use beads.  She used Rizoni  yarn from  The Loom   (The loombangkok.com).   Sasha Ball Rives   was the designer of the free design.   In addition to designing, she owns the Stitch Space yarn shop in Missouri. wildfowerswildflowers 2
On her travels back home to help her mom pack up her house of 65 years, Margaret discovered several knitting pieces she has done over the year.   One was an amorphic scarf out of unidentified specialty acrylic yarn that was her first knitting project.   Another was Adele Cutten’s   design Fine Shawl on Diagonal out of Be Sweet Baby Mohair.  Her mother didn’t want it anymore, so Margaret got a new scarf.goat stripes Mom in goat stripes scarf

Brainy Thing:   Knitting Wednesdays for Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Hospital

Catherine tells us about the Wounded Warrior Knitting Wednesdays    at Walter Reed Hospital which is not to be confused with the better known Wounded Warrior Group.

Behind the Redwood Curtain:  Statue of President McKinley

220px-Arcata_McKinley_StatueThere’s a statue of President McKinley standing smack dab in the middle of Arcata, CA.   Margaret tells us the story behind it.   One of her references is Roadside America.com


Knitting Tip

Catherine explains the value of making a sloper, or a model of more complicated knitted projects (sweaters and ponchos.)

A Little Podcast Business

The ongoing challenge to join the Teaching Your Brain to Knit Ravelry Group     and to send in Knitting Tips continue.
opulentpom pom smallest

2 thoughts on “Ep. 037 Knitting Wednesdays for Wounded Warriors Support Families, Vets and Current Soldiers

  1. Thank you for the mention of the Wounded Warrior knitting group in your podcast. I did little more than organize and get this started, it’s really the current volunteers who keep it going. It’s an offshoot of a group i started in Afghanistan called Combat Knitters where we taught troops to knit to help with the stress of being at war. If you google Combat knitters you’ll find a great article from the Washington Post about knitting in a war zone.
    Kathleen Marra


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