Redflags in scientific research, Knit in place sock patches; Tips for re-knitting a pattern; The world’s last old growth redwood forrest; Give-aways for membership incentives and books.

Welcome to Episode 74

What We Learned in Our Knitting:

Margaret tried a Knit-in-place patch for her holey socks:
Catherine ran into some “learning opportunities” for knitting a pattern for a second time:  lady violet’s gauntlet

Brainy Thing:

Finding red flags in scientific research:  Jennifer Raff  University of Kansas   How to read a scientific report
checking who is sponsoring research

Redwood Curtain:

Catherine shares about Headwaters Forest,  the world’s last coastal redwood forrest


We have another membership incentive give away and another book giveaway.


website for show notes, photos of our knitting and crochet projects, Behind the Redwood Curtain places and things and anything else we decide to post.
In this episode of Teaching Your Brain to Knit, we look out for Red Flags in Scientific Research,  learn a knit-in-    place patch repair for socks,  offer tips for knitting a pattern for the second time;  discover the world’s last coastal redwood forrest;  PLUS offer giveaways for the membership incentive and book de-stash.

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