Ep. 078 Pantone Color of the year; Colors of Yarn from Kits can Surprise; Find the Right Book that is Best for the Pace You Want; Dungeness Crab Season

Welcome to Episode 78  Can Pantone lead us to a mystical year ahead?

Brainy Thing:        16:44             Behind the Redwood Curtain:  30:32

What We’re Learning from Our Knitting:

Catherine is surprised when she learns (again) that colors online don’t always match colors in yarn when she buys a Lion Brand Yarn pattern  Coffee Shop Wrap kit by Alexandra Tavel   https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/coffee-shop-wrap only to discover that a color that she thought was a mild creaming yellow turned out to be a zangy mustard.
Margaret   patched two more socks, including removing and replacing an afterthought heel and it turned out beautifully, just like it was planned to be.   One sock was out Austermann Step yarn in a   Blueberry Waffle  pattern https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/blueberry-waffle-socks and the other was out of
Fish Knits Yarn  warm heart     She also added to her crocheted bathroom accessories collection using adventuresome techniques from Crocheter’s Skill Building Workshop by Dora Ohrenstein.  The pattern is two color diamond stitch from the book.  
She compares this book to two others :

Brainy Thing:

From the Pantone website

Not exactly brainy but thinking along the line of how colors impact our lives, Catherine talks about the Pantone color of the Year for 2018 which is ultra violet.   Associated with mysticism and vision, expect to see the color around for awhile.

Behind the Redwood Curtain

One of the high points of North Coast Living is the Dungeness crabs


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In this episode of Teaching Your Brain to Knit we ask will the Pantone Color of the Year lead us to a higher spiritual level?, Also Catherine is surprised by a color she receives in a shawl knitting kit;  Margaret offer guides for choosing books that have the best pace for you, and the North Coast celebrates Dungenes crab season.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 078 Pantone Color of the year; Colors of Yarn from Kits can Surprise; Find the Right Book that is Best for the Pace You Want; Dungeness Crab Season

  1. Ep 78:Was the documentary about the global fast fashion industry The True Cost? I think an interesting brainy segment would explore why some people are drawn to slow movements such as slow food, slow cloth, etc while others aren’t.


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