Ep. 098 The little brain cerebellum does big work; can yarn absorb bad energy; facing reality in your knitting project; Discovering albino redwoods

Welcome to Episode:  How the “little” brain does “big” work;  can “bad” energy infuse yarn;  Facing reality in a knitting project;  Discovering albino redwoods
Brainy thing:  13:40      Behind the Redwood Curtain:   19:10
What We’re Learning from Our Knitting:
Margaret wonders if her yarn can hold negative energy on her Dragon’s Egg Socks by Anne Podlesak https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dragons-egg-socks  from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits.   Catherine faces harsh realities with the man’s pullover pattern, Andoa, https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/andoa-pullover ( free on Ravelry, from Nora Gaughan and done for Berroco).
Brainy Thing:
For decades the cerebellum has been overlooked but now it’s getting more attention into its role with higher order thinking:
Behind the Redwood Curtain:
Catherine shares with us the secrets of Albino Redwoods and Chimera trees.

Today on Teaching Your Brain to Knit we report on  how the mighty “little brain”, the cerebellum, has invaded our thinking processes, Margaret explores the question can bad energy permeate sock yarn, Catherine faces harsh reality with the Andoa pullover sweater and she shares the secrets of the rare Albino Redwoods.

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