Ep. 076 Lucid Dreaming, Gamma Waves, and Ah Hah Moments; Knitting from Charts; Mitten Thumbs and Local Politics

Welcome to Episode 76:

What We Learned from Our Knitting

Catherine finishes a lace shawl (with beads, of course) called Ocean Kelp and designed by Harry Wells  whose Rav name is knitting ninja  and his design studio is  Good for a Boy Designs.  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ocean-kelp   Catherine got more practice with  charts, not her favorite way to follow a pattern.   Here are before and after blocking photos.
Margaret knits a family of Creature Mittens from Morehouse Farms kits for her family and learns a bit about Mitten thumbs from Anna Zilboorg in Magnificent Mittens and Socks .  
She also corrects the mistake she made between Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island, Washington and Morehouse Farms that raises Merino Sheep in Upstate New York.

Brainy Thing

Catherine explores Gamma Waves, “Ah Ha” moments and lucid dreaming

Behind the Redwood Curtain

Discovering local politics behind the redwood Curtain and in your neighborhood too.

Knitting Tip

Thanks to Janice for her tip about spritzing Linen with water to make it easier to work with.


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In this episode of Teaching Your Brain to Knit, Catherine explores the link between Gamma Brain Waves, “Ah Hah” moments and Lucid Dreaming;  She practices her not so favorite way of following a pattern —that is,  charts;  Margaret learns about different types of mitten thumbs with help from Anna Zilboorg;  We delve into local politics and how you can do the same in your local community; plus we announce updates to indices or indexes for our brain, redwood and knitting topics.