Episode 7: Skill or Concentration?



What We’re Learning from our Knitting:

Margaret is knitting and crocheting long strands of beads to wear as necklaces or as wrapped bracelets.

On top:   Laura Nelkin‘s Ribband (knitted)

In the middle: a failed attempt at a crocheted strand:  no fault of the pattern– the yarn was too fine for the size of beads. Check out Wrap Around Crochet bracelets for lots of successful projects and Yuli Nilssen for her other designs.

On the bottom:  improvised icord with beads.

strands icord strand fail


Catherine is learning from the PANEM Katniss cowl wrap by Dahlia in Bloom whose Rav name is DevilintheO.

panem yarn panem progress 4 panem progress 3Yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick.

Brainy Stuff:  What determines your success or ease with a project — the level of difficulty or the level or concentration?

Many knitting and crochet patterns are labeled by skill level:  beginner, intermediate or advanced or easy and challenging.  But what do these terms mean?  If you are an expert lace knitter, does that mean you’ll find cables easy?  Catherine and Margaret discuss what the differences are and how they may or may not impact your experience creating a particular project.

Redwood Curtain:   Table Bluff, CA.

From the South Spit looking up to Table Bluff

dunes up table bluff looking up table bluff

From Table Bluff looking down: Humboldt Bay to the Right (East), Pacific Ocean to the Left (West)

table bluff 2

Viewing to the East, Humboldt Bay.

table bluff 1541

Beauty in the sand:

dunes on spit

Knitting Tip:

Use a Kitchen scale to determine amount of yarn you have left.


Number of yards in total skein            X (number of yards left) —————————    =    ——————–

Number of grams in total skein            Number of grams left in skein

X equals number of yards in total skein (times) Number of grams left in skein (divided by) number of grams in total skein.


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